Don’t Wait For An Emergency To Find A Plumber

The best time to shop for a plumber is when you don’t need one. This sounds a little backwards, but this can really save you a lot of money and frustration when you do need to call a plumber.

Most people will not have the patience or the time to shop around for a fairly priced service professional when they are faced with no water, no hot water in the winter, or without the use of toilets due to a main line stoppage.

So, when your plumbing is working well take some time to put a list of reliable and affordable plumbers together to keep handy for when you need it.

  • Get recommendations – ask around, satisfied customers are always happy to recommend someone.
  • Call to get a price list – ask for the cost of a service call, for after hours and holiday charges, and the cost of some basic services (main line stoppage, garbage disposal installation, faucet leak, etc.). Even if you only get a price range for each service you can use it to compare with other companies.
  • Get several phone numbers – narrow down the list to two or three different plumbers in case your first choice isn’t available. It’s a good idea to get the number to at least one 24 hour plumber just in case.

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Source: Plumbing